What's the difference between a "WooCommerce Expert" and a
"Verified WooExpert"?

WooCommerce as you might know, is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress and with a market share of 28.24% (according to Statista), it’s the worldwide leading eCommerce software platform as of April, 2020.

Another source reports that as of August 7, 2020, WooCommerce has been downloaded more than 82 million times and actively powers almost 4 million eCommerce websites – that’s almost 7% of the top 1 million websites!

WooCommerce was first developed by a WordPress developer “WooThemes” in September of 2011 and quickly became popular for its simplicity to install and customize. In May of 2015, WooThemes and WooCommerce were acquired by Automattic, the operator and core contributor of WordPress.

WooExpert Partner Program

WooCommerce ExpertsInstead of a certification program, WooCommerce uses an official partner program that they refer to as “WooExperts“.  In order to have been considered for this program, the applicant underwent a multi-stage application process that included skill evaluations and interviews. The reason for this stringent process is because WooCommerce aimed to make sure that the applicant absolutely knew WooCommerce!  

WooExperts are verified experts specializing in the site setup, implementation and development of the WooCommerce platform.  Unlike other certification and verification programs, the WooExperts program is deliberately kept small and highly selective.  WooExperts have proven themselves as true WooCommerce experts, sharing the commitment to provide the most robust platform for the world’s most demanding WooCommerce projects.

When it was launched, there were three different levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold).  In late 2017, it became flat and was renamed as simply “Verified WooExpert“.

eCreations became a “Silver” WooCommerce Expert in April of 2016.  eCreations successfully completed the vetting process based on our proficiency with the WooCommerce platform.  At the time, eCreations was 1 of 14 Verified WooCommerce Experts in the United States, the first in Arizona, and 1 of 33 globally to be hand selected. Today, the WooExperts program has 27 “Verified WooExperts” in the world and 16 in the United States.

eCreations remains the only Verified WooExpertWooCommerce Expert in Arizona.

In May of 2017, WooCommerce removed the application process and now only invites companies as potential WooExperts after working together on a client project, during community involvement, or on WooCommerce core contributions.

WooCommerce Experts

Claiming to be a WooCommerce expert may be justified, but having the verification directly from WooCommerce should be considered for your eCommerce project. 

There’s a big difference between being a “WooCommerce Expert” and being a “Verified WooExpert“.

A WooCommerce expert may be familiar with the available extensions for WooCommerce, but are they able to create a custom solution for you using the WooCommerce API? What happens if an update to a 3rd party extension breaks stuff?  Yep – it happens.  Are they able to troubleshoot and fix the reason? Can a WooCommerce “expert” work with you to code a completely custom solution to specifically meet your business needs? Verified WooExperts can!

It's a matter of trust, experience and getting it done right - the first time.

eCreations is a true WooCommerce expert.  That’s why we’ve earned “Verified WooExpert” status.

WooCommerce is the only eCommerce platform we work with.  We know Woo like the back of our hands. 

We’ve integrated ERP systems and eCommerce Connectors (ECC). We’ve created custom payment gateways for international banks. We’ve made WooCommerce do things that WooCommerce was never intended to do – and we’ve done it successfully. That’s what makes a true WooCommerce Expert. That’s why there’s a difference.  That’s why you need a Verified WooExpert

As 1 of 16 Verified WooExperts in the U.S. / 27 worldwide and the only in Arizona, I'm proud to share this accreditation with other WooExperts around the globe who have earned this status, and I continue to look forward to exceeding our clients' needs using WooCommerce.