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As experts in website design, WordPress Development & WooCommerce, we understand the balance between form & function. We’re committed to impeccable service, deliverable results and indisputable integrity.

We’ve provided our clients with the perfect mesh of design and functionality that helps convert website visitors to become customers. Our process starts with learning and understanding your business, your potential customers and then taking that information and designing a website that will encourage interaction and promote your brand.

Rule of Thumb for a Successful Website Design & Development Project

A Third of the Time Designing – a Third of the Time Developing – and a Third of the Time Testing

We don’t want to be a vendor; rather, we strive to be partners in our clients’ online success.  It may sound cliche, but it’s the founding principle that has made us become one of the most successful website design company in Phoenix. People use website design and website development interchangeably. We’d suggest that they’re different and you can’t have website development without website design; and you can’t have website design without website planning.

Website Planning

Planning a website project is critical for success. We determine the whens, wheres, hows and whys of a website design project. We ask a lot of questions and depend on our clients for input.  We listen, analyze and understand your business and work with you on requirements and our roadmap.

We look at your current online footprint to verify that you own your domain, your current hosting environment, we snapshot current analytics and social media statistics. We obtain as much information as we possibly can on your business, as well as your competitors.

Armed with all of this information, we work on a sitemap which begins suggesting specific user flow and because we have this information, we’ll begin scoping vetted WordPress plugins and WooCommerce extensions to determine if they will fit the bill, or we need to develop something custom to meet the project requirements.


Website Design

From the information in the website planning phase, we’re able to take that information and start working on making that plan a reality.

We start with wireframes (broad-brush-stroke ideas) and begin to implement design elements into multiple visual layouts.  We present these wireframes to you and more often than not, we go through a few iterations to get the placements just right.

From there, we’ll begin incorporating your organization’s tone and brand.  We use your provided brand standards, logo, photos and text.  A dash of more color here; a drop of spice there – changes are typical in this phase too.

From the approved mock-up, we can begin developing the website, adding the specified functionality and building the website to its full potential.

What People Are Saying

eCreations make it a point to treat people right, and it pays off!  Here are just some of the nice things we hear from our valued clients.

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Touting that we’re the best web design company in Phoenix is no small claim. We understand that many other agencies may tell you the same thing; and while we’re certainly proud of what we do, we prefer to let our work speak for itself.

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