Professional Small Business Websites with Flexible Financing

eCreations is celebrating small business and entrepreneurship!  Don’t go without a website for your small business and if you already have one, now’s the perfect time to upgrade your small business website! Our small business websites are the same professional websites we’ve been known for since 1997. They come packed with features, customizations, WordPress content management system,  and WooCommerce (if you need eCommerce).

What’s the difference?

For a limited time, we’re offering flexible, in-house financing for small business websites; and by flexible, we mean flexible!

We’ll finance your website with as little as 20% down, and payments for up to 12 months.

Your Small Business Website - Powered by WordPress

WordPress is trusted by more than 40% of all websites.

If you need a website for your small business, WordPress comes packed with features out of the box, and it provides a solid, trusted foundation for the growth of your business.

WordPress is easy to use. You can easily manage your own content (text & photos) and create new pages, blog posts, menu (navigation) items, etc.  If you can use MSWord – you got this!

When we build your small business website, we’ll use a visual page builder called Elementor so you can literally drag and drop different elements on your pages. Be sure to check out the video!

Once we have all of the pages created with your text and photos, we’ll perform the initial on-page search engine optimization (SEO).  

We’ll make sure that Google, Bing and Yahoo know about your website by verifying it with them and submitting the sitemaps.  

We’ll also integrate Google Analytics to make sure we all can track visitors and goal completions (conversion tracking).

You Need a Website for Your Business

We love small business!

small business websites / full service digital agencyeCreations started in 1997 and we work with businesses of all sizes – from mom-and-pops to Fortune 500 companies. 

One of the many reasons that you should choose eCreations to develop your small business website is because of our desire to learn and understand both your business and your objectives. There’s a special place in our hearts for small businesses and we thrive on our clients’ success!

Our Web Design & Development Process

Our process for a successful website build revolves around you.

  1. Project Planning: We take the time to fully understand your business and your objectives.  We ask a lot of questions to make sure the solutions we suggest are the best for you!
  2. Pre-Production: From the information gathered during planning, we can focus in on the requirements, the ideas and the objectives.
  3. Production: Whether completely custom or customized, we begin to shape your project to ensure its longevity.
  4. Testing & QA: We go through 4 phases of testing and quality assurance before the site is deployed. Making sure we’ve delivered more than what was promised! 
  5. Deployment: Website launches are an exciting time at our office!  All hands on deck to deploy and then test again on the production server.
  6. Letting the World Know: Since our websites include the initial on-page search engine optimization, we verify that the search engines know about the newly launched websites.  We make sure analytics are installed and tracking properly.
  7. Support: WordPress & WooCommerce need updates. It’s like making sure your car gets an oil change. This is where our WordPress and WooCommerce Care Plans come in.
  8. Digital Marketing: Websites are not a “set it and forget it”.  Remember the goals we talked about?  Now’s the time to put your investment to work!

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

The cost to build a website varies greatly.

There are many factors that need to be considered when answering this question and the best way for an accurate estimate is to take advantage of our free consultation.

As outlined below, the average entry point for a basic, brochure-style small business website would be about $ 6,000 for design and development, plus the cost of the domain name, hosting, and other services and licenses.