Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Normal Hourly Rate: $190.00 (effective 2023/02/19)

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are just what the name implies – it’s an agreement for the delivery of service and support for a minimum 6-month term (maximum 12-month term) at a discounted hourly rate. Not only are they convenient, our SLAs are tailored to individual clients’ needs and enable them to plan and budget for ongoing website maintenance and digital marketing services at a reduced hourly rate compared to ad-hoc (or piecemeal) work. SLAs are typically paid on the 1st of each month for that month.

Our SLAs are perfect for:

– Companies, Organizations & Agencies looking for a time & cost-effective alternative to an in-house web department or design & development teams

– Companies & Organizations with more than one website

– Agencies that manage multiple client’s websites and/or web projects

– Organizations that strictly design multiple websites and need a coding solution

Beyond cost savings, SLAs offer the benefit of convenience and assurance that your web team is ready and available to provide you with:

– Priority placement for modifications

– Typical modifications completed within 24 business hours

– Routine monitoring and adjustments of the website(s) & keywords

– Regularly-Scheduled Plugin & Extension updates (if WordPress/WooCommerce website)

– Digital Marketing Analysis, Strategy and Execution

– Google, Bing & Yahoo verification and sitemap submission

– Pay-Per-Click & Social Media Management

Our SLAs are based on monthly effort (1 Full-time resource = 175 hours per month):

Up to 44 hours per month (1/4 resource)
$ 8,008.00 / month ($182.00 / hour)

Up to 88 hours per month (1/2 resource)
$ 15,312.00 / month ($174.00 / hour)

Up to 132 hours per month (3/4 resource)
$ 21,912.00 / month ($166.00 / hour)

Up to 175 hours per month (1 resource)
$ 27,650.00 / month ($158.00 / hour)

Hours do not carry over. Any usage in excess of monthly allotment is invoiced at our normal hourly rate. Past due invoices may result in suspended effort and/or issues being backlogged.

From: $8,008.00 / month