Full Website Review & Technical Audit

  •  Backup, Clone of the website & Staging Environment: We will backup and clone the website and install it on a newly created staging environment for our analysis
  •  Infrastructure Analysis: A detailed analysis of the current infrastructure environment, including domain name, DNS, hosting, content delivery network (CDN), email and security. A visualization of the current infrastructure including data flow and connections
  •  Website Performance: Load Tests: During load testing, we put strain on the environment to ensure reliability and redundancy. Speed Tests: We run speed tests from multiple sources and we aggregate the results to provide a real-world scenario of the website’s performance. Visualization of our findings in both real-world and lab/controlled environments
  •  Domain Overview & Marketing Position: A review of the website’s analytics (Google or Adobe) if installed. A detailed report of the website’s digital footprint, including initial competition analysis. We report on organic search, paid search, ranking keywords (including new & lost), backlinks, display advertising, traffic analysis, crawlability issues, internal link verification, page markup and brand monitoring
  •  WordPress: A detailed overview of the current state of the WordPress instance, including theme(s), plugins, settings, optimization, versions, server environment, PHP version and settings, MySQL version, database statistical overview, security overview, scheduled actions (crons) and bloat/overhead
  •  WooCommerce: We review product data for accuracy, completeness and consistency. We provide a detailed overview of the current WooCommerce instance, including theme(s), extensions, settings, optimization, sever environment, database statistical overview, product overview, post-meta overview, security overview, scheduled actions (crons) and bloat/overhead
  •  Security Scan: We perform a full, high-sensitivity security scan on the website including: server state, file changes, malware scan, content safety, public files, password strength, vulnerability scan, user and option audit, identify critical, medium and low risk items
  •  Review of Code & Logs: We inspect WordPress and WooCommerce core files, theme files (both parent and child) and we review both raw access logs as well as error logs on the server level
  •  User Experience: We subject the website to a small user group. We monitor engagement, take notes of comments and identify potential pain points
  •  Observations, Suggestions & Plan of Action: Base on our analysis of the results, we provide a non-biased, honest opinion of the current state of the website and suggest priority items for consideration along with any visualization necessary to streamline operations
  •  Presentation: We will provide you with a PDF of our report and schedule time via zoom to review our findings

Typical turnaround: 15-20 business days once scheduled.