Don't Be Fooled: The $179 Website Scam Exposed!

No! Websites don’t cost $179.

Have you ever stumbled upon those enticing social media ads promising you a fully functional website for just $179? If you thought that was the deal of a lifetime, we’re here to slap some reality into those misleading claims. Brace yourself for the truth: websites do NOT cost $179, and we’re about to dismantle this outrageous myth.

Unmasking the Real Cost of a Website

Before we dismantle the $179 website scam, let’s dissect the genuine components that contribute to the real cost of a website:

  • Domain Name: Your online address comes with an annual price tag of $10 to $50+, depending on the domain extension.
  • Web Hosting: Your website’s lifeline – hosting – costs between $5 to $1000+ per month, dictated by your site’s complexity and traffic.
  • Website Design: Creating a visually appealing, user-friendly website? Be prepared to shell out a few hundred to several thousand dollars for a professional designer’s touch.
  • Development and Programming: Complex features demand specialized coding, which can range from $1000-$4000 for basic websites to thousands – even tens or hundreds of thousands for intricate, custom builds.
  • Content Creation: Killer content doesn’t come cheap. Expect to invest in quality writing, photography, or graphic design services.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Climbing the search engine ranks requires ongoing SEO work, costing hundreds to thousands monthly.
  • Maintenance and Updates: Keeping your website safe, secure, and up-to-date is a must and demands a recurring budget.
  • eCommerce and Functionality: Need eCommerce or unique functionality? Brace yourself for a hefty bill due to development and integration needs.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Don’t forget about promoting your website via social media, pay-per-click ads, or content marketing, all with their own price tags. Websites are not “Build it and they shall come”. It takes time and effort.

Busting the $179 Myth

Now, let’s get back to that $179 myth. Those ads peddling complete websites at such a laughably low price aren’t your golden ticket to online success; they’re a one-way ticket to disappointment and disaster. Here’s why you should steer clear:

  • Hidden Costs: That $179 might snag you a bland template, but the moment you crave customization or growth, prepare for a wallet-draining ride.
  • Low Quality: Expect sub-par websites with shoddy design, limited functionality, and weak security – a recipe for online disaster.
  • Limited Control: Forget about having full control; these cut-rate services shackle your ability to adapt and expand.
  • Zero Support: When trouble strikes, good luck finding customer support. You’ll be left to fend for yourself.


Don’t let the siren call of a $179 website seduce you. Building a website is an investment in your brand’s online identity, and cutting corners leads to costly regrets. Instead of chasing the $179 myth, invest your resources wisely in a professional web development, design, and hosting team.

A well-crafted, properly maintained website is your most potent online asset. Reject the $179 illusion and prioritize a website that embodies your vision and goals. When it comes to web development, quality always triumphs over scams. Your online success deserves nothing less!