The “meta-keywords” tag: 

While some search engines rely on it, Google ignores it. Still spend time on writing relevant keywords, but try to keep the specific to that page. Duplicate content (on the page) or in the “head” of the document will have negative impact on SEO.

The “meta-description” tag:

A necessity for SEO if you:

  • Have a Website that is under 50 pages
  • Hope to rank well for your company name and a handful of related terms
  • Want to be smart about search engines and attracting searchers, but haven’t kept up with the latest search news.

Other META information:

There are other declarations that need to be included such as:

  • Title
  • Robots
  • Googlebot
  • Site-verification

META information is only a portion of SEO – the main area of focus should be on the unique content that is written on the page.