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Phoenix, AZ – June 8, 2017–  eCreations, a Phoenix-based web services company, announced today that it has awarded two web services grants to local non-profit organizations to help increase awareness of their cause and boost funding sources through a comprehensive digital strategy and/or web development services. eCreations’ in-kind grants were awarded to the Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation and the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC).

“Selecting award recipients, while fulfilling, was certainly challenging. Ultimately, we assessed the needs of each non-profit applicant, and we weighed requested services against project impact,” explains Steve Tamulewicz, eCreations owner. “It was important to verify that our grant recipients also met our rigorous financial requirements. We wanted people to know that funds donated to these causes directly benefit their chosen cause.”

While many incredibly worthwhile charities applied for the grant, the two organizations selected by eCreations are dedicated to the service of one of our most vulnerable populations — children.

“eCreations is honored to partner with both Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation and Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center. We believe both entities are integral to the betterment of our shared community,” said Tamulewicz. “With their efforts, and through execution of our grant program, we hope to raise awareness and contribute to making Phoenix a more compassionate place to call home.”

With over 29,000 homeless students attending schools in Arizona, Pappas Kids believes it is necessary to provide educational assistance that would increase their overall graduation rate. Homeless students are 40% more likely to not finish their secondary education and on average high school dropouts barely make enough to adequately support themselves, let alone a family. With the overall poverty rates increasing yearly, decreasing rates of school dropouts would help contribute to the solution of this problem.

Pappas Kids also assists struggling high school seniors with funding for tutoring helping them overcome an obstacle, which may be preventing them from graduation. In 2016, we provided more than 950 backpacks with school supplies to students throughout Arizona; these supplies give the children the confidence to start the year prepared and ready to learn.

“We truly cannot express our gratitude for this opportunity. The generosity from eCreations will give Pappas Kids an opportunity to actively engage, educate and expand our services to a forgotten population of Arizona youth who have been hidden in plain sight,” said Dayna Sandoval, Pappas Kids Executive Director.

This donation will assist Pappas Kids with spreading awareness about child homelessness and poverty in Arizona and with establishing a strong network of new volunteers and supporters through active Web engagement.

Additionally, having an accessible, informative Web presence and an easy-to-update website, will help Pappas Kids keep the children the organization supports informed, as well as the community and supporters of its ongoing projects.  

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Pappas Kids is extremely grateful for all that eCreations is providing us and know that the time committed to establishing this new website will help us grow and expand the educational support that we provide to homeless, underprivileged and at-risk youth attending Arizona schools,” said Sandoval. “On behalf of the Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation board and myself, we thank eCreations for this incredible donation.”

Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center is Arizona’s leading and largest nonprofit serving the autism community holding a mission to advance research and provide a lifetime of support for individuals with autism and their families.

“For consideration of this grant, focus on increasing our social media presence is dearly needed to grow awareness and funds for our programs,” explains Greg Boone, SARRC Corporate & Foundation Relations Manager. 

In 2016 SARRC provided more than 60,000 treatment hours through our clinical programs; served nearly 1,000 children, teens and adults with ASD through our clinical and research programs; educated over 5,200 parents, family members, typical peers and community members; and provided training to 600 educational and medical professionals.

“For a $10 million dollar organization, our social media followers are lower than similarly sized nonprofits and likes/shares need to improve. With support from eCreations and this grant, we look forward to learning more and consulting on our needs,” said Boone.



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