Sometimes, work is work. We love our clients, and we adore working with them to achieve, and often, exceed their goals.

At other times, the work we do has an almost transformative power. The power to transcend the day-to-day and make a difference in the lives of the people who matter most. Such is the case, we found, with developing a newly redesigned website for the Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation.

Since 2005, the non-profit organization has served one of Arizona’s most vulnerable and at-risk demographics: that of our children. Specifically, the organization serves Arizona’s homeless and economically disadvantaged students, providing a range of educational assistance, scholarships, school supplies, and more.

“I am incredibly excited for the site to go live! The changes made look beyond amazing, I am thrilled to see the creativity and heart that went into developing the new site,” said Dayna Sandoval, Executive Director of Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation. “I cannot thank your team or Steve enough for making this opportunity available to Pappas’ Kids!”

The Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation required a fresh look. The old site was not mobile-friendly, nor was it in the WordPress content management system. This is important because the WordPress content management system allows for updates to a website without having to know code. Unfortunately, since the Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation site wasn’t in the WordPress framework, they were unable to make updates to announce critical news to donors and followers.

After being hand-selected by the eCreations team as part of the In-Kind Services Grant Program in Spring of 2017, the new Pappas Kids website launched last month. The project launched with an updated, responsive web design, most importantly, one within the WordPress CMS framework.

“We’re honored to be able to contribute to Pappas Kids’ mission,” said Steve Tamulewicz, eCreations’ founder. “We feel that it’s so important to cultivate community involvement, while protecting one of our most vulnerable populations: children. They’re one of the most vulnerable and one of the most worthy populations. Many people can’t afford to donate, but they don’t understand that you can always donate your time. In the end, your time is more important than your money. Our team donated time and effort to help Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation to more effectively engage web traffic. Now that they can update the website’s content via WordPress, the sky’s the limit. We’re so happy for them.”

From the team here at eCreations, a big thank you to non-profit organizations like Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation. We’re delighted to partner with you to achieve your goals, and we’re thankful that you’re here to help make our community a better place.