Be wary of some digital marketing emails

Digital MarketingEvery now and again, we get emails that solicit digital marketing services, search engine optimization or social media marketing.  This one really takes the cake! We had to share it.

The subject line read: You’re Worse Nightmare!

The email reads like this (verbatim):

Good morning,
You just lost a customer to your competitor!
These words are the biggest nightmare for any business owner.
There are 150 million startups in the world today with 50 million new startups launching every year.
The numbers are not just huge but challenging as well, leaving no margin for error.
One mistake and your competitors are 10 times ahead of you.
How do you plan to keep up in this fierce competition?
By now, you would already know how Social Media Advertising has changed traditional marketing
What does that mean for you as a business owner?
If you are not advertising correctly, you are losing potential leads to your competitors that can grow
your business.
That’s why, we have created a team of experts, who would do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes
to your social media marketing.
So, you can focus on your business.
Book a free consultation call with us today using the link below…
And we will reveal all the secrets, to spur your success.
Book My Free Consultation!
Hurry up! This might be a game changer for your business.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Well – let’s break it down.

Subject line: You’re Worse Nightmare! Funny. when you read this, it literally says “You are worse nightmare!”.

You (apostrophe) re.
Red Flag #1

Worse vs. Worst
Red Flag #2

Email content
The statistics quoted in this email are simply incorrect.
Red Flag #3

The use of punctuation is completely incorrect.
Red Flag #4

How would I have already known that social media marketing has changed traditional marketing techniques?
Red Flag #5

They’ve created a team of experts that can’t even put together a proper solicitation email.
Red Flag #6

Sentence structure is terrible.
Red Flag #7

The “book a free consultation” is a call to action, but there’s no method in which to actually take action.
Red Flag #8

They’re claiming to reveal the secrets. Hmmm.
Red Flag #9

They’re inviting you to book a consultation with them (plural), but… no.
Red Flag #10

Finally, the email address that this came from is a generic email address from
Red Flag #11


Marketing your business is important.  Absolutely! Marketing your business correctly is more important!

If you’re going to work with an agency to market your business online, (including Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing) that agency needs to understand your business, your demographics, your desired results and be held accountable for the return on your investment.

Would you want this “person/team” handling your social media marketing?  What would the optics be?

Do it right!