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Spending money on paid search marketing and not seeing results gets really old – really fast.  When done right, paid search is one of the most effective forms of advertising on the planet. That also makes it highly competitive, and it can be very expensive when done wrong.

Our digital marketing efforts get the most out of your digital marketing dollars. As an industry leading digital agency, eCreations is committed to generating the maximum ROI for our clients – and our stellar track record proves that. You can trust us to get very best return out of your digital marketing investment.

eCreations is dialed-in with every major PPC channel:  Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (which also controls Yahoo! by the way), Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, AdRoll, and many more. Not only are we certified in all types of Google and Microsoft advertising, but we also have access to other resources provided by those channels. Our clients (and their campaigns) benefit directly from this exclusive “insider access & knowledge.”

Each and every day, our primary focus is building ROI by interpreting real data and creating campaigns that convert. This includes:

  • Keyword and competitor research
  • Negative keyword management
  • Ad copy optimization – we utilize copywriting strategies that convert!
  • Manual bid optimization (keywords, locations, devices, demographics, dayparting, audiences)
  • Landing page creation & optimization
  • Search engine retargeting

Tired of settling for less than average results? We’ll develop a comprehensive PPC strategy that will grow your business. We are so confident in our ability to deliver results, we guarantee a minimum return on investment of 2 to 1.  Ready to talk and get the facts?

Our PPC Services

Google search ads are a form of inbound marketing (strategic approach to creating valuable content that aligns with the needs of your target audiences and inspires long-term customer relationships) as opposed to outbound advertising (focuses on reaching out to the public with non-targeted content to promote products or services) because they assist someone who has taken the first step to look for your product. By utilizing Google Search Ads, your prospects come to you for answers.  That places you in a position to earn their business when they’re ready to buy. 

A successful Google Shopping PPC campaign starts with complete and accurate product data. From there, a Google Merchant Center account and a properly configured and connected product feed. Our digital marketing team stays ahead of the curve with quick changes to your account and continuous monitoring to ensure your featured products are always current. Let us help you interpret any errors to guarantee that your products are active and ready before advertising.

      • Combined with our in-house tools, our Google Shopping experts will establish, optimize and manage your campaigns to generate profit like never before!
      • Having your products on top of Google search results is an excellent opportunity to generate traffic and increase conversions.
      • Our Google Shopping strategies are designed to eliminate overspending by finding your absolute optimal level of ad spend thereby increasing your overall ROI.
      • Grow your Google Shopping ads strategy today with eCreations.

Paid Social Gives Your Business Guaranteed Reach!

It’s time to enhance your paid social marketing strategy and execution by reaching your customers where they hang out!  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest. 

Today’s social media algorithms are tricky. If you ever feel like some of your posts blow up while others get buried, you’re definitely not alone. No matter how much you optimize your posts, reach isn’t guaranteed. On the flip side, paid social media ensures that your campaigns get seen. You’re essentially paying for your audience’s undivided attention.

Consider that 28% of consumers discover new products directly through social media, with that number skewing higher for millennials and Gen Z. If nothing else, ads are a surefire way to introduce your brand to new customers and grab the attention of former ones without being restricted by an algorithm.

Paid social allows you to target your most relevant customers

Piggybacking on the last point, social ads today have seriously smart targeting.  We can set up campaigns that only serve followers of a specific income level or people living in a particular area. Likewise, we can create campaigns that only target followers, previous customers or people who’ve bounced from your website.

Since we set the parameters of your ad targeting, you also benefit from making sure your ads are served to folks that are most likely to click on them.  

Ultimately, paid social media helps with targeting audiences and driving sales just as organic social media does. The advantage to paying for this type of value? Speed to market, campaign sustainability, and good ol’ fashioned message frequency.

Organic social media traffic can take days (if not weeks) to build due to the algorithms at work behind the scenes of the most popular social media sites. If you’re running a short campaign, that ramp up time can cost you visibility and leads. With paid social media, your campaign can get started with an extra boost at a speed that organic posts just can’t match. In addition to sustaining views, traffic, and engagement for as long as your credit card can stand, you’ll have the benefit of retargeting consumers with your ads to achieve an advertisement frequency that you can control.

We will share opportunities to reach more people, drive more leads, and capture more conversions for your business with Paid Social ads.

eCreations stands ready to prepare your next paid social media strategy!

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a very common and popular form of digital marketing in which marketers serve ads to users who have visited your website, or a specific web page, and who have or have not taken a specific action. It’s an effective way to target people who have already shown some interest in your business or brand.

Because you are targeting past visitors or existing customers, it’s called “re”-marketing. Think of it as a second chance to convert, up-sell, or retain customers with online ads or campaigns. You can do remarketing in different ways and with different ad platforms such as Facebook or Google ads.

Yep! We do this too!

Display advertising refers to the process of advertising a product or service through visuals like images and videos on networks of publisher websites such as the Google Display Network, Facebook, etc.

Display ads are placed on relevant third-party websites in the form of banner, image, and text ads. Display advertising is pretty much a blanket term that includes every visual ad placed on a website, however, it can be divided into three basic categories: 

      • Site placement advertising: In this type of display advertising, the advertiser/marketer chooses the website they would like to run their display ads on.
      • Contextual advertising: In this type of display advertising, networks place ads on relevant websites, for example showing an ad for dog food on a pet adoption website.
      • Remarketing: Remarketing display ads appear in front of users who have been on your website or post-click landing page but have left without completing the relevant conversion goal.

Engage digital audiences with professional and unforgettable video content produced in-house at eCreations.  

Each day, internet users consume more than one billion hours of YouTube videos and upload almost half a million hours of video. YouTube is owned by Google, and it’s actually the second largest search engine, surpassed only by Google itself. Google has search engine advertising on lock, so it’s not surprising that YouTube has become one of the most influential advertising platforms as well.

We strategize, execute and manage campaigns that promote your products directly with Google Shopping, Microsoft Shopping, Amazon Advertising and more. 

In-House Account Management

Each one of our accounts is managed by an experienced in-house team, not relying heavily on automations unless it improves your bottom line. Rest assured that your dedicated marketing partners will be working on your account behind the scenes and have open lines of communication with you through scheduled conference calls on Zoom, Google meets, via email, or yep – even the phone.

One of the great things that separates us from other eCommerce digital marketing agencies is that we don’t control your Google Ads account or billing details. Whether you come to us with an existing Google Ads account or we create a new one for you, we don’t hold paid accounts hostage like some other agencies. If you choose to leave us (not sure why you would), you’ll be able to take all of our work with you.

We’ll create customized reports that you’ll receive on a weekly and/or monthly basis, or you can access them in real-time to analyze your data and get access to information most other agencies don’t provide. Say hello to transparency and simplicity with eCreations!

Our PPC Management Includes

  • Comprehensive keyword research: We ensure you appear for profitable searches by undergoing initial keyword research, and then continually monitoring your campaign performance to make optimizations that boost your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).
  • Effective ad creation: We work with you to produce the most effective ad content that get high conversions.
  • Landing page conversion optimization: If need be, we will create a landing page on your site specifically customized to convert the visitors that have clicked through from your PPC ads.
  • A/B testing: We’ll set up experiments and campaign comparisons to test the effectiveness of different ad types as we optimize our content and messaging.
  • Localized Campaigns: Let us target your state, city, or even neighborhood with ads, or set up a small campaign designed to push one specific product or service.
  • Remarketing campaigns: Bring past site visitors back that have shown interest in your products or services, for a much lower cost. By using a remarketing campaign, you can drastically increase return on ad spend (ROAS) while increasing sales or leads.
  • Proof of ROI through detailed reporting: There are some excellent data tracking tools built into Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other PPC services. We explore the results and generate a customized report that highlights the information that’s most important to your organization.