Digital Marketing Designed & Developed to Bring You More Business

But first – a primer.  What is digital marketing, exactly?  It refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the web, digital channels, apps and email to drive sales via eCommerce or sales leads from your website and/or email campaigns.

It comes down to any efforts on the Internet designed and developed to bring you more business.

Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Pay Per Click Management (PPC), Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

What makes eCreations better than any other Phoenix digital marketing agency?

We're a Certified Google Partner

Google Partner Badge - Digital MarketingGoogle Partners is a program designed for online marketers, web professionals and agencies that help business within the wonderful world of digital marketing. There are several reasons why you should look for and hire a Google Partner like eCreations.

When the eCreations team was accepted as a Certified Google Partner, we became part of a very elite group of professionals who can call themselves a Google Partner in Phoenix, Arizona.

We Strategically Target Your Desired Audience

Targeting the right people online is important when it comes to converting visitors, as well as preserving your advertising budget. We construct buyer personas to better understand your target audience, then we strategically roll out your campaigns in phases according to your budget and timeframe.

eCreations takes the time to fully understand your goals, marketing, and sales objectives so that we can represent your brand accurately and target the desired customer base to get measurable results.

We Create Synergy Throughout Your Entire Funnel

eCreations works closely with you to synchronize all aspects of your digital marketing plan so that it’s a seamless and coordinated effort. We will work with you to understand your potential customers’ buying habits to discover what influences their buying decisions, then we structure your campaigns to address those high-value opportunities.

Our digital marketing campaigns are customer-centric, with messaging that drives conversions and opens up conversations between your customers and your organization. Arizona digital marketing is at its best with eCreations.

We Promote Value

Your potential customers are being pulled in every direction online, and they’ve learned to ignore most untargeted ads they see online. Just as the number of TV channels has gone from 4 to 400, there are now many more options for people to find information on the web and they are all fighting to capture attention.

One truly successful digital marketing approach is to offer personalized materials that your target audience will find useful, valuable, and trustworthy. Focusing on achieving these qualities will cut through the noise to kindle a relationship of trust.

We Grow Your Online Network

Back in the “old days,” all you really needed was to have your business name printed in the yellow pages. In 2020, there are now thousands of places online where you may need to post your company’s information, and they all have some measure of value! Our goal is to create a consistent message and then cover the spaces on Internet with that information so that you can be found and Google can regard your business as more relevant than your competition.

eCreations can also manage your organization’s social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and more to project your branding and messaging as broadly and effectively as possible. Your optimization efforts will begin to establish your website’s value to search engines by providing relevant information and material that customers will want.

We Assure Progress Through Consistent Campaign Enhancements

Now that you’ve provided value to your target audience, it’s time to review, evaluate, and modify the campaign to optimize its performance. eCreations will monitor all of the campaign’s many variables to ensure that your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) is maximized.

Our process includes evaluating the click-through rate, monitoring user behavior, evaluating conversion rates, A/B testing, along with many other factors. All of this information is reviewed with you to make sure that it meets your organization’s goals and key objectives. In summary, eCreations is your best choice for a digital marketing agency in Phoenix, AZ.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing

We’re a little different than most digital marketing agencies in Arizona.  We don’t have “packages” that we force you into. We don’t automate the process of creating your campaigns. We want to become your local, digital marketing agency in Arizona, so that we can properly evaluate where your organization stands online and we help you define and realize your goals with digital marketing. We’ll develop for you a customized roadmap with a detailed sequence of events that will get you to your online marketing goals.

Proven Digital Marketing Techniques

  • Website Design: This is #1 if you want to be effective with your online marketing efforts.
  • Online Reputation Management: How can you expect anyone to find you if you don’t put your information on the web.  Consistency and reach are critical!
  • Social Media Management: This comes in many flavors and takes a true professional to be effective.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): If your website does not show up in a search engine, how is anyone going to find you? This includes link building, blog posts, on-page optimization, etc.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Management: Pay per Click (PPC) refers to the ads that appear within and alongside organic listings on the results pages of search engines.
  • Retargeting / Abandoned Cart Recovery: This is a way to bring a person who has visited your page or your PPC ads back to your website for a second chance to make a purchase.
  • Email Marketing or Direct Response Marketing: Email campaigns are a viable way of producing results.  Just make sure you play fair and obey the laws.
  • Data Analysis: Evaluate results, make adjustments and monitor.

Regardless of the size of your company or the industry that you’re in, we will work with you and your budget to maximize results.  The only decision that you need to make is how fast you’d like to get there.  Generally speaking, here’s our recommendation:

  • On-Page SEO / Off-Site SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Connecting your website to the world.
  • Business Directory Listings: Focusing on the top performers like Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages and Facebook
  • We’ll help you manage your online reputation by continually elevating and increasing your brand awareness.
  • Content Marketing: We’ll help you determine what kind of content, where, when and how.
  • Social Media Marketing: Today, it’s a must! It’s no longer optional and we can take care of it for you.

If you need a digital marketing partner that listens to your goals and can work with you to accurately guide you on a path of online success, you’ve found it.  Along with our other services, our digital marketing strategies provide businesses with measurable results.

Whether you’re selling product or services online, you want your phone to ring more, or you consider a conversation to be a sales lead from an online form, our Internet marketing services will position your brand where it needs to be.

Let’s get started today with a customized proposal for your digital marketing efforts.


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