Why use WordPress?

Oh, WordPress. Let us count the ways. It powers 1/4 of the web. It’s the best content management system for your business. We could go on and on. Instead, we’ve chosen our top five favorite reasons why you should use WordPress to power your website.

As a Phoenix area leader for web development, we’re asked this almost every day. Without further adieu, our top reasons to WordPress are:

1) Customize your content at the click of a button. Seriously.

Our boss likes to joke: if you can update a Microsoft Word document, you can use WordPress. It sounds kind of crazy. Because it’s true. One of the largest reasons to join the WordPress bandwagon is that you can avoid paying developers like us to make updates to your website.

While that may seem counterintuitive to tell our clients, you should know that one of the biggest reasons we love WordPress is that it’s the best choice for our clients.

Without needing to know even a snippet of code, you can easily publish new content, and you can customize colors, fonts, images in your content, and more.

We have legacy clients who’ve yet to migrate to WordPress, and they call us every few weeks because they need to update their websites. In this day and age, constant updates to a website can passively boost SEO and customer engagement, so we can’t stress enough how important this is.

Rather than paying a developer to do this, we support that old adage of teaching a man to fish versus giving a man a fish. WordPress allows us to teach our clients how to fish, so to speak.

2) Troubleshooting: get support from millions of your closest developer friends.

Perhaps one of the most incredible features of WordPress is that it is constantly supported by an ever-growing community. WordPress has countless ways for developers to interface within the community: you can learn, share, and troubleshoot all in one place.

Resources are abundant across the community. You can find information across a spectrum of topics, and learn about everything from plugin creation to installation.

Because WordPress is so popular, you get a large community of WordPress aficionados to help you troubleshoot. Millions of questions, coupled with detailed, peer-reviewed answers, have already been posted – and the forum is easily searchable.

Meaning you can always get an answer to whatever question you have, because if it hasn’t already been asked, you can post it and get direct feedback from an incredibly active community of coders, us included.


3) Did we mention? Search Engine Heaven.

While our friendly digital marketing team is always here to help you power-climb through search rankings, you should know that Google loves WordPress. And that’s no small thing; one could say that to that end, one of the most powerful reasons that Google loves WordPress is that WordPress was built to be loved by Google:

  • SEO plugins, as well as default WordPress features, are available to help assess and monitor your traffic.
  • WordPress is content-friendly, and Google loves high-quality content as the single most important thing you can do for SEO.
  • Mobile first is most definitely a thing. WordPress allows for easy integration of mobile-responsive web experiences.
  • WordPress allows for easy social media integration. Search engine algorithms do, too.
  • Using WordPress as your CMS allows for easy management of your image optimization. You can seamlessly add title and alt tags to any new image within the WordPress media library.


4) Follow Best Practices, and WordPress is Really, Really Secure

One wonderful thing about WordPress security, is that when you stay updated, and follow best practices, WordPress websites are outrageously secure.

In fact, there are even countless security plugins you can use to help monitor traffic and control the security of your site. As a WordPress site owner, you can take security into your own hands and customize the level of security of your site at all times.

You can enable a web application firewall, and use vetted (and we stress: vetted) plugins such as Securi, or Wordfence.

Here at eCreations, we take that security a few steps further. We monitor security on our clients’ websites 24/7, with quadruple redundancy for downtime. Yes, you read that right. We have triple redundancy, with an ultra-top-secret 4th backup location monitoring our clients’ websites at all times.


5) Easy integration with all your favorite services, with 53,321+ (and counting!) plugins for endless functionality

While our expert team of developers have hand-coded their fair share of WordPress plugins, you should know that when we are able to pass savings onto you, as a customer, we do.

That means that when there’s a reliable, vetted plugin that will allow our clients to achieve functionality, WordPress allows us to use it, safely and securely, while saving our clients thousands upon thousands of dollars in development costs.

What’s functionality, exactly? And what’s a plugin?

Glad you asked.

Plugins allow for you to achieve various goals on your website, such as a contact form that allows you to capture conversion metrics from your website traffic – we prefer Caldera Forms. Or, let’s say your goal is to easily optimize your on-page SEO? Plugins like Yoast allow you to use best practices in on-page search engine optimization without needing to be an expert SEO strategist.

Ultimately, this means that your site can constantly evolve, like your business. There’s little need to overhaul every year, when you can continually add small improvements and upgrade your functionality in ways that create engagement for your user experience.